our clients

Banking and financial services

We are particularly involved in financial services, so we pride ourselves on understanding the complex, highly regulated, and constantly changing dynamics of this sector. We cover both the institutional and ‘grassroots’ financial sector in Kenya. This encompasses the capital markets, multinational banking groups cooperatives, and investment clubs. We are able to provide strategic input, board representation, and a broad range of legal services across this financial value chain.


Development and Government

We have worked with NGOs, development partners, and government departments in Kenya. We have a deep understanding of the political environment in which our government plans, implement policy, manages, and delivers services. We understand the needs and mandates of Kenya’s development partners. We also specialize in working with private sector property development companies that are playing a key role in developing housing and services for our fast-growing population of aspiring homeowners.

Utilities and resources

As Kenya develops its much-needed resources and infrastructure, we work with utilities playing a critical role in meeting our estimated US$47 billion infrastructure shortfall. Water and sewerage is one area we have experience in helping our clients address legal aspects of their service delivery and facility expansion. This includes engineering, procurement, maintenance, and operating contracts, plus finance for capital projects. We are also experienced in working with clients in the extractive industries – such as mining.

Private Clients

We are proud of our roster of private clients, who we work with on issues relating to family matters, criminal, property, and inheritance. Our success is underpinned by investing time to comprehend and resolve individual client issues and the long-term, trusted relationships we have formed with these families and individuals.


Other Clients

We work with several other clients in different sectors – including technology and agribusiness.